Frédéric Bouchard

Université de Montréal, Département de philosophie

After completing a BA and MA in philosophy at the Université de Montréal (MA 2000), I completed a PhD in philosophy at Duke University (Ph.D. 2004) under the supervision of Alex Rosenberg (committee: Robert Brandon, Owen Flanagan and Dan McShea). I then went on to pursue a post-doc followship at the IHPST, University of Toronto under Paul Thompson's supervision.

My research interest focus mainly on the concept of fitness and the role it plays in evolutionary theory. As a philosopher of biology I also examine other topics such as the nature of explanations in ecology, reductionism, the notions of laws and trends in biological explanations, and the concept of biological individuality. I try to link these concerns to broader concerns in philosophy of science.

Most of these interests stem from an epistemological and ontological concern about 'exotic' biological systems that are often ill-served by existing explanatory schema. My research has lead me to examine clonal species (e.g. Quaking aspen), colonial organisms (e.g. Macrotermes michaelseni) and symbiotic communities (e.g. the association of Euprymna scolopes et Vibrio fischeri).


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