Mohan Matthen

University of Toronto, Department of philosophy

Mohan Matthen (Ph.D. 1976, Stanford) is a professor of philosophy and Canada Research Chair at the University of Toronto. He previously taught in, and was Head of, the Philosophy department at the University of British-Columbia (1999 - 2004) and also taught at the University of Alberta before that. His areas of research are the philosophy of mind, philosophy of biology and ancient philosophy. More specifically, his research in philosophy of mind involves a new methodology for dealing with the representational content of cognitive states. In philosophy of biology, he is looking at causal relations in natural selection. He has been a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University and Oxford University. He was Executive Editor of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy, and member of the editorial boards of the journals Apeiron and Biology and Philosophy.

Some of his recent articles include :

"Two Ways of Thinking about Fitness and Natural Selection," (with Andre Ariew) (2002).

"Truly Blue: An Adverbial Aspect of Perceptual Representation", (forthcoming).

"Chickens, Eggs, and Speciation," (forthcoming).

A fuller list of publications along with a few more forthcoming papers are available at his personnal web site.