Robert Brandon

Duke University, Philosophy Department / Biology Department

Robert N. Brandon (Ph.D. 1979, Harvard) has been part of the Duke Faculty since 1979. He holds a joint appointment in the departments of Philosophy and Biology, his two main fields of research. He was Chair of the Philosophy Department (2000 - 2004) and has received a National Science Foundation grant (2004 - 2006). He is the author of several articles and books in the philosophy of science, the philosophy of biology and the history of philosophy. During the spring of 1984 he had a visiting appointment at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh. Robert Brandon is also a member of Duke's Center for the Philosophy of Biology.

Some of his most recent books include:

(with Roger Samson) Integrating Development and Evolution, The MIT Press, 2007.

Concepts and Methods in Evolutionary Biology, Cambridge, 1996.

Adaptation and Environment, Princeton University Press, 1990.

Some of his most recent articles include:

''The Principle of Drift: Biology's First Law'' (2006)

''The Empirical Nonequivalence of Genic and Genotypic Models of Selection: A (Decisive) Refutation of Genic Selectionism and Pluralistic Genic Selectionism'' (2006)